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Software Providers Guide

It seems that the advancements in the digital industry, especially regarding all new features are software providers. Software providers like Oracle or Microsoft have changed everything in the digital world. But not only functionality in terms of software, software providers ensured that we have top-notch entertainment like games using our computers and smartphones. They have a significant role in the development of the digital entertainment, and they have a special approach regarding building the best online casinos – one of the most popular digital entertainment industries. Every casino beginner should first read several casino guides with reviews on the best casino software providers offering the most popular online casinos to play at. You should also learn everything about the correlation between gaming and scamming and get helpful hints on how to stay away from cybercriminals.

They are the ones that bring the creativity behind the most popular casino games amongst the players. Also, casino websites are well-developed nowadays, and they have numerous features that ensure their functioning, all thanks to the best software providers and software developers. For instance, these casinos have impenetrable security measures, intuitive designs, user-friendliness, convenience via mobile apps and whatnot. People can easily turn on their device, log on to the internet, and voila – they can access many of the best online casinos in a matter of seconds.

Casino Software Reviews

The casinos aren’t developed by freelance developers that just like having fun and making money, in fact, there are specialized casino software companies that make the most popular best online casinos, and all their offerings. The list of casino software companies is long, and some are more popular than others because of the very reason – their products. That is why you should look for casinos that are powered by most popular software providers, because they usually have the best casino games that are fun and have good payout. One of those gambling sites is Ma Chance casino where you can play games from all major software providers that we will talk here. Navigate to this page to read detail review. Here, we have a list of the most popular software providers offering the best online casinos on the current market with reviews on them:


NetEnt became popular when they developed some of their most popular games, because of the features for all of them– for instance, you’ll easily notice that all NetEnt offerings are mobile-friendly, have a nice interface and ultimately, have amazing graphics. Also, NetEnt slots are popular because they offer great RTP ratings.

GiG Games

GiG or Gaming Innovation Group is one of the most popular casino software companies are quite diverse, and they offer something for everyone. You should know that there isn’t a GiG slot game with a lower RTP than 96%, which is quite impressive.


Microgaming games might be somewhat heavy on space, but they are worth every MB of it. The whole set offered by Microgaming is great because they offer great graphic effects, numerous in-game bonuses and they are quite diverse too.

Saved for last, is an amazing honorable mention. It is of vital importance that you see these earth-shattering bonuses going on at the moment. Players are reporting huge gains in terms of payout without really paying a single cent, pretty unbelievable if you ask us. It's now or never.

Play the Best Online Casino Games for Free

If you do the research, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of casino websites, and they are all live for playing a really cool list of games – even the newest and latest ones. For instance, players can play the best online slots for free using the casino bonuses offered by these websites. There are hundreds of free no deposit casinos sites that will offer you a promo that you can use to sample their game libraries for free. Once you've spent your free play offer and haven't found a game you like, simply visit another site until you land on a one that has the games you prefer. Besides the newest games for ultimate fun, the casinos offer a lot of casino bonuses, including great welcome casino bonuses for new players where they can win real money prizes and try out the slots games for free. These are features which are incredibly important for any legal online casino visitor, as they help the players get to know the game list, have fun and don’t spend their own money.

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