Amstrad CPC

Vanity: 2009 -

Overlanders: 1997 - 2009

Arome Tomate (2009)Intro of Parasite, an update of Backtro (2006)Boules et Bits (2006)DTC end-part logo (2005)Colors madness in the DTC main part (2005)Twist part in Demoïzart (2005)Intro of Wave (2004)Nintendo like logo used in Wave (2004)Logo used in the intro of Tire au Flan (aka TAF). It looks even better with the raster in the intro. (2002)Tire au Flan logo with rasters (2002)Bisbilles in the Croco Channel 3 (2002)Main menu of the Croco Channel 3 compilation. The bottle on the left was painted by Fafa. (2002)Boxon 4 Turn Disc. Based on an unknown Amiga picture (released in 2001)Loading screen of WACWE (2000)Graphics used in WACWE, based on a picture by Mermaid on C64 (2000)Loading screen of Ecole Buissonière (2000)Main part of Ecole Buissonière (2000)Loading screen of Ecole's cheat part (2000)Camembert 4, loader screen (2000)Camembert 4, graphics in the main part (2000)DBT logo in Soul Almighty demo (1998)Font used in Soul Almighty (1998)Next-part screen in the Soul Almighty (1998)Loading picture in the Soul Almighty (1998)Loading screen of the Sweet megademo (1997)

Date unknown

Unreleased multicolor/multimode picture (date unknown)Kenet-like logo for an unfinished DBT demo (date unknown)Unreleased. Based on an Amiga picture by Nero (date unknown)Can't remember where I grabbed this picture... maybe in some DBT stuff... (date unknown)Logo that was used in the OVL website (date unknown)Crack menu for the 5Kb Demo 3 (date unknown)Logo Overlanders (date unknown)Loading logo (date unknown)NPS Cracktro for Ghost'n'Goblins


Beb was also active on the Amiga with Néophyte, a french discmag (which was quite alot of fun to say the least :), from 1997 to 1999. Here are just a few screenshots, have a look at the mags if you want to see more (and have fun if you read french).

Néophyte 6 (Jan. 1999)

Néophyte 6: IntroNéophyte 6: Sommaire

Néophyte 4 (Dec. 1997)

Néophyte 4: IntroNéophyte 4: Rant about the former Amiga french mag DreamNéophyte 4Néophyte 4: An Amstrad-like main menu (unfinished)Néophyte 6: End partNéophyte 4: Paper version with toilet paper :)

Néophyte 3 (June 1997)

Néophyte 3: IntroNéophyte 3: Article about the french mag "Le Virus Informatique". Nice logo there.Néophyte 3: A very useful article about DIY stuff for your Amiga :Néophyte 3: The CPC-like demo that can be found in the Amstrad article :)Néophyte 3: Nice graphics thereNéophyte 3: End part

Néophyte 2 (Feb. 1997)

Néophyte 2: Intro

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