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This is an oldschool hardware banging intro for Amstrad CPC with 128kb (compatible with the Plus). This intro will fail on CPC fitted with CRTC type 2 and probably (untested) type 4, with type 0 some pixel in the 32kb picture will be nuked. It was released as a cheat-part in Synergy2/Impact and I probably won't waste my time again to do such cool cheatpart for dumb old farts after the feedback I've had with it.

OUT(Dated) by Semilanceata, april 2008.OUT(Dated) by Semilanceata, april 2008.OUT(Dated) by Semilanceata, april 2008.OUT(Dated) by Semilanceata, april 2008.OUT(Dated) by Semilanceata, april 2008.


These sources are published as-is, for educational purpose. I've added some comments here and there along the source to let you know what is going on. Everything has been made with WinAPE (I'm using some of it's assembler directives to assemble in the extra 64Kb RAM of a 6128 amongs others things).

» OUT(Dated) : Sources codes
» OUT(Dated) : Renegade 3 megamix by Pulkomandy (check the StarKos song repository for more SKS files).

Files description

The files you will find in the archive:

winape-outdated.asm just a wrapper for WinAPE.
skoh.asm the main source code.
skoh-init.sna SNApshot of the CPC with preloaded data in RAM and the BASIC program to generate the sinus curves.
skoh.picture.8000.asm part 1/2 of the 32kb picture as DEFB sourcecode.
skoh.picture.C000.asm part 2/2 (dunno why I didn't merged both parts :)
skoh.scrolltext.asm This is the font-bitmap, char-map and encoded scrolltext.
C2.E8C0.BIN STarKos player and music-data.
gfx/ You'll find there the graphics in PNG format.

How to Compile with WinAPE

  1. Configure your WinAPE for a [6128Plus with CRTC 3 and Plus feature enabled] or [CPC 6128 with CRTC 1 and Plus feature disabled].
  2. Load the skoh-init.sna SNApshot (press F5)
  3. Open the source editor (F3) then File/Open winape-outdated.asm
  4. Compile and Run (F9)

And the whole thing should start. Enjoy :)

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