Standard SKS Player

You will find here the complete source code of the official StarKos player.


Files description

Here are the files included in the archive:

  • sks.player.asm : the STarKos player source code.
  • exemple.asm : a simple usage exemple playing the AKSCREEN music.
  • AKSCREEN.BIN : A compiled song used in the exemple.
  • AKSCREEN.DSK : A dsk with the exemple music as SKS and BIN forms.

How to use

  1. Open exemple.asm in the assembler.
  2. Hit F9 (Compile & Run).

And that's it! While the music is playing, the BORDER color will change to black with a small area in white. This white area corresponds to the frame-time taken by the player.

See WinAPE for more informations about it's integrated assembler.


With SjASM, Pasmo, ZMac, etc, it should compile fine too but… you're on your own! :)

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