Most of you must know what YM or AYC are. If not, search some info about YM at the Leonard page on the net (he's a ST coder). Also, you'll need to download the Madram AYC kit at the Overanders site. There's a little module in this kit that will convert any STARKOS song into a YM file. Then, with the YM2AY converter by Madram, you'll be able to use your song with the AYC player by Madram, consuming very low machine time !

My converter is very simple to use. Just run”STARK2YM”.

Enter the name of your STarKos song, then the name of the YM to create (without extension). You can enter some info that will be coded inside the YM (name of the song, of the composer, and comments).

As you may know, YM is originally UNCOMPRESSED and takes a LOT of disc space. You can put within 178kb a 4'30 song only. I strongly suggest you to get PARADOS, and the D10 format, to extend the max time to more than 20'…

The converter works in 14 passes, plus one to detect the number of iterations of your songs. So it's quite slow, I tell you…

Once the YM is generated, just run the YM2AY made by Madram. I didn't include it to the Starkos kit, after all I didn't code it, so you'll have to download the AYC kit on the OVL site, in order to hear the AYC of course.

That's all !

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