You can relocate your songs with this module. It's used by the Basic modules of this kit, so that they can load any song without taking care of their original loading address.

You'll find the sources of this relocator on the disc, named RELSONG.DAM or .MXM. RELSONG.BIN is compiled in #9000. Use it if you want, but don't modify it, the modules need it !

This relocator est made to be called BASIC like this : CALL relocator,ad1,ad2

relocator=Address of the relocator Ad1=Address where you song currently is. Ad2=Address where you want to relocate it.

Here again, it's up to you to move it after relocation. But if you watch a bit how the Basic modules are done, you'll see that I don't move anything. I load the song in #2000 for example, then I relocate it in #2000 to be sure it'll work (call RELOC,#2000,#2000).

Like above, a little modification is needed to use this code in asm, but it's even more simple that before (remove the 6 first lines, it's explained in the source).

Here it is ! Simple but useful modules, I think.

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