It's possible to create a fade in or out in a Starkos song. However, you must do it yourself… Indeed, in order to save memory and machine time, I didn't explicitly write a function to allow that. But with a bit of trick, it's possible.

You simply have to bypass the values sending to the PSG. Play the song once, read the values of the Registers 8,9 and 10, and decrease them of 1,2,3… to 15 (for a fade out), then jump to the code that send the values (Don't forget to save/restore A which contains the Register 7 value). Take care of overflows. If the volume is below 0, set it to 0. If it gets higher than 15 (during a fade in), set it to 15.

Hardbasses are more problematic, that's why you will choose by yourself how you want to handle them. Their volume is ALWAYS 16 with Starkos. You can decrease them too, so they will lost their 'hard' status, which will probably sounds strange and flat. You can also ignore them, but only the 'normal' sounds will fade. You can also cut them, simply. The choice is yours…

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