I started pixeling on the CPC with the Advanced OCP Art Studio back in 1992/1993, only because I needed graphics for my BASIC programs. And that's just how I got into CPC graphics. When I joined Mortel and the demoscene in early 1995, I've done a bunch of gfx for a lot of people until 1999/2000. I've lost many of these gfx. I usually formatted most of my disks once the job was done and sent to get new and fresh kilobytes available to do new stuff (3” floppies weren't cheap… I also formatted the system disks with CP/M to use them for my own stuff :). Moreover, many of these gfx have never been released for various reasons or no reason at all (when shit happen…).

Below are some of the graphics I still have on floppy, there's more on the disks but not all of them are worth a screenshot (to say the least :). I sorted them chronologically (more or less, I can't remember when I did some them).

I will try to add the DSKs including all of them in OCP Art Studio .SCR format (with intermediate steps, if I still have them). If you have some of my gfx on your floppies which are not on this page, do not hesitate to send it back to me, thanx :)

Amstrad CPC

The Amstrad CPC graphics modes and palette

If you can read french (or have a good translator :), you should visit SuperSylvestre's website for more informations about the CPC graphics.


Another year, another meeting, another picture coming soon :)


A fast made (about 3 evenings) picture for the Meuuuhting 2008. The cow originally comes from the cartoon "Cow & Chicken". Feature a private joke to Krusty/Benediction too :) (2008)


Quick gfx done for the #2007 compo at CrocoChanel 4. It's a private joke, greetings to Candy/OVL (and get ready for PopCorny at CrocoChanel 5 :) (2007)


Demoizart infoscreen (2003)Demoizart end part. The monster come from a console game which I can't remember the name... (2003)


Can't remember when I did this one but it was used in the Benediction part of the Crocochannel demo (2000)A cool logo I've done with Beb/(ex-Overlanders) at Ze Meeting 2000 for a demo Candy never finished :) (Unreleased) (2000)


Tom's (Another World) sent me his Blur logo asking what I could do with it. And that's the result. (1999)I really like this logo :) (Unreleased) (1999)Digital press was a great discmag, but it died a few months after I did this logo... arg! (Unreleased) (1999)


A quick logo I have done for Another World after they requested it on 3614 CNX/Croconut (Unreleased) (1998)Logo for a demo I never finished. Some vector balls were supposed to fly on the right side (Unreleased) (1998)A tech-tech discmag by Ramlaid (Unreleased) (1998)A tech-tech discmag by Ramlaid (Unreleased) (1998)I think pixel rebellion was a demo part for Demoizart... not sure. (Unreleased) (1998)For some reason these sprite werent included in the X-Files maxidemo (Unreleased) (1998)X-Files maxidemo by Mortel (1998)My second fullscreen picture. It's supposed to be the main-menu for a ping-pong game with many ping-pong clones (Unreleased) (1998)


Logo for Boxon 4 (Unreleased) (1997)Should have been used in a cheatpart somewhere (Unreleased) (1997)This is a typical gfx-request from a coder... go go go! Fill the blanks! Damn! Fucking coders! :) (1997)A logo I've done for Norecess while Ze Meeting 1997 in Toulouse (Unreleased) (1997)Loading screen for the Virus megademo (Unreleased) (1997)The intro screen of my onescreener part for High Technology by AST System. It feature mode 1 and 2. Note that this demo is completly finished. (Unreleased) (1997)Second turndisc screen I've done for the Virus megademo (Unreleased) (1997)A just for fun discmag interface (Unreleased) (1997)AST  asked me to refresh his Sonic logo... so here it is. He have never used it... (Unreleased) (1997)The menu part of the Virus when it was still a maxidemo. The menu itself is finished, I was only missing the name of the parts, that's why there's no part-name on the screen (Unreleased) (1997)Just for fun picture which ended up in the Mortel part of the OVL Meeting demo (1997)


A tiny Mortel logo which was supposed to be shown at the beginning of every Mortel production. I can't remember if it have been released somewhere or (probably :) not... (1996)The famous turndisc screen I've done for the Virus megademo. Fullscreen plasma with an Atari ST music (my first ever plasma routine too :) (Unreleased) (1996)OMG! What have I done??!! (Fortunatly Unreleased :) (1996)It was supposed to be used in a Mortel demo, but the project somehow died and this logo ended up unfinished (Unfinished) (1996)There's a color-cycling with the blue grid to make it move (Unreleased) (1996)Intro part of the Byte 96 meeting demo (1996)I was maybe experimenting too much patterns on the same gfx :) (1996)I can't remember if this one have been used somewhere... (1996)Just for fun logo (Unreleased) (1996)A 3 colors logo to leave one ink free for an overlay writter. I don't have this one on my disks anymore but it miraculously got released! Yay! There's a funny story behind this logo but... that's not the place, greetings to Pepsiboulette :) (1996)A logo I did for a demo of mine which I never finished. Then Candy get his hands on it for his X-File maxidemo 2 but... well... as usual. (Unreleased) (1996)I did this little writter-tro for the Byte96 (there's only a writter and a Digitracker module playing in the background). For some reason, it have never been used and released after the meeting... (Unreleased) (1996)I hate painting charset... This one was for High Technology megademo by AST System (Unreleased) (1996)I HATE painting charset... again for High Technology megademo by AST System (Unreleased) (1996)I HATE PAINTING CHARSET!!! one more for High Technology by AST System (Unreleased) (1996)Another logo for High Technology by AST System (Unreleased) (1996)And again for High Technology by AST System. Notice there's a typo : Hight instead of High. That's what happen when asking people to ask people to do some gfx :) (Unreleased) (1996)And again for High Technology by AST System. This one was supposed to be used with an S&Koh like effect...  (Unreleased) (1996)And... yeah again! High Technology by AST System. (Unreleased) (1996)What's the day today? High Technology by AST System with a typo on the logo (Unreleased) (1996)Sprite animation in the cheatpart of Big Cheese 2 (1996)Unfinished just for fun picture (Unfinished) (1996) My first ever fullscreen picture. That was supposed to be the intro screen for Primal fight by AST System. The primal fight logo at the top is greatly inspired by Made (From his Crystal slide show) (Unreleased) (1996)


A fast made logo for High Technology by AST System (Unreleased) (1995)An AST System logo which should have been used in Primal Fight, a game by AST System (Unreleased) (1995)Primal fight logo for AST System (Unreleased) (1995)Primal fight logo for AST System (Unreleased) (1995)Logo for a Mortel and AST System co-production: October 95. Unfortunatly, it has been rapped (badly stretched) in the prod to fit in the empty black space left by a bad coder (1995)One of the logo I've done for Epsilon when he was trying to get CPC For Ever and his New Arcade into a single disc-mag, but it never happened... (Unreleased) (1995)A just for fun picture (Unreleased) (1995)I did the graphics for a Mortel demo in the German Kult Megademo. But it seems we (Beast and I) were the only one having finished a demo-part in time, the megademo have never been released... (Unreleased) (1995)A logo that appear in the Mortel part for the unreleased Kult megademo (Unreleased) (1995)Intro screen of Big Cheese 2 (1995)I did one the 3 cheatparts in Ten Years After. This is my first assembly prod, don't mind the rasters :) (1995)Ten Years After, quite uninspired Mortel logo... (1995)Probably my first ever graphics for a CPC demo :) (1995)Targhan music collection in Akoustika (Unreleased) (1995)Logo for Dracula Fanz 5 menu D (1995)Logo for the Dracula Fanz 5 turndisc part (1995)Just for fun picture (Unreleased) (1995)My first ever scene graphics made at my first ever meeting : Ze Meeting 1995! (Unreleased) (1995)


This picture originally comes from a mailtro I did when I swapped a lot with MaDe for Disc Full. He tooks this one out of my mailtro, added the aliasing and used it as a 64K screen in Disc Full 8. I discovered that a few years later, nice surprise :) (1992)

ZX Spectrum


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